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Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge Volksmarch

Elk Mountain.

Club Banner.

Sharon at Start Table.

Walked down to take picture of the lake.

Looking back at the start area.

Carol starting out on trail up Elk Mountain.

View of the trail.

Old dam along side the trail.

First set of steps

More steps.

I had to get ahead for at least one good picture of Carol.

Looking down on the walk start.

Trail started to curve around the mountain.

Lichens clothe the granite rocks

Walkers headed down. This was the lady in back's first Volksmarch.

We continued up the mountain

Part of a foursome stopped to visit..

Other half of the foursome

Overlook of the river.

Same river further up the mountain

Another couple coming down the mountain.

Carol at the top of Elk Mountain.

Checkpoint was just over the hilltop.

View looking the other way.

Walker coming behind us.

Checkpoint volunteer.

Volksmarcher and dog.

Another view of trail.

Looking down on the walkers headed up.

Bright spot on the trail.

Back at the start area. Looking at the dam.

Charon Gardens section of the trail start off here.

Looks easy enough.

Lots of tree damage. Must have had high winds recently.

Watch out for that root.

View of the creek.

See the black dot in the middle. Carol spotted it and told me it was a buffalo. I took the picture in hopes of blowing it up enough to see.

Rock looks ready to tumble

Two more boulders precariously located..

Brooke and her husband headed back in.
Nice to see people we knew on the trail.

I posed with this big boulder.

Terrain started getting a little rougher.

Another couple headed back in.

Checkpoint volunteer.

Another checkpoint volunteer.

When we got back to the location where Carol had spotted the buffalo, we took a side trail and went over a creek and up the mountain for a closer view. It was indeed a buffalo. First picture we came up behind him. Since he didn't seem inclined to get up, we circled him so I could get a picture of his head.

Bridge back to the start is in site.

Walkers (none Volksmarchers) on the trail.
I told him about Volksmarching, but he didn't seem interested.

On our way out of the refuge we passed a herd of longhorns.