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Cooks Slough Volksmarch
Uvalde, Tx

Cooks Slough Wetlands and Wildlife Habitat was once a landfill and is part of a wastewater treatment plant.

Carol and Ed on walkway to first pond.

Information board at overlook.

Walkway between two ponds.

Ed blocked the sun so I could take a picture of the island.

Carol on the newly mowed trail.

Robert, Gerald, Linda and Helen on their way back in.

Small bird's nest.

Stopping to chat with Mable.

Linda's daughters, I don't know their names.

Allen giving Linda directions.

We passed these walkers.

Beverly, Karl, Ed, Anna, Ed and Carol.

Checkpoint volunteer.

Three geese.

Frank and Phyllis on their way out.

Just a view of the trail.

Lots of cactus.

We passed these walkers with their dogs.

Walkers ahead of me on the trail.

This display board was empty,
so Ed gave us directions.

One low water crossing which we crossed coming and going.