Faulkner Park Volksmarch

Walk Start Volunteers

Carol and Ed heading out.

This is Becky's 1st Volksmarch.

Helen modeling the t-shirts.

Lots of great leaf color.

Walkers headed back in.

Pretty place to hold a walk.
Another 1st time volksmarcher!

Carol on the raised trial.

Shallow roots watch where you're stepping.

Another view of the trial.

We followed this creek for quite a distance.

Ed and Becky at a creek crossing.

Ed walking the log bridge.

Walkers who Volksmarched in Germany
1st Time Volksmarching in USA.

Pretty fall colors.

Carol, Ed and Beck on the park road.

More colorful leaves.

I'm walking the tree line.

Turn around and go back.

Walker still headed on the "out" section.


Finish table volunteers and walkers.

Beautiful tree on the way back to our vehicle.