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Temple 10K

We parked in the Swimming Pool Parking Lot and walked up hill. We took the trail to the left and followed it. Then we left the park and did 2/3 of the walk in residential area. We re-entered the park and did a loop around it to complete the 10K. There is a really nice pavilion at the south end of the loop and would make a better start point. There are bathrooms nearby and lots of parking. Most of the residential area was shaded (we started walking at 7:15) and most of the loop in the park has no shade. The loop in the Park is 2 miles according to the National Recreational Trail database that I found online.

Pond with fountain.

Nice wide paved trail here.

Went to gravel and had some washed out spots.

Example of the residential area we walked thru.

Pig statues are at a playground area.

Yard landscaped to minimize mowing.

Re-entering Lions Park.

Trail Marker.

View of the park which has baseball fields.

Sculpture in the park.

Passing the other park entrance.

Small creek along the hike/bike path.

View of the trail as we pass the baseball fields.

This wooded area is where the pavilion is. It would be on the Carol's left.

The creek got bigger.

Small lake that is a water hazard for a "disk" course.

Bathrooms near the pavilion.