2010 TVA Reunion Event

Norse, Texas
Saturday, March 6

Joanne & Carlen working the registration table.

Walk started at Our Savior Lutheran Church.

Church graveyard.

Ed, Carol and Brandy starting out.

We passed Doris and Shirley.

Walker and her pet headed back in.

Checkpoint #1 volunteer.
Siba and Darlene also headed back in.

First time volksmarchers.

Debra, Bob and Helen.

A small lake.

View of surrounding hills.

We stopped to chat with Rose and Gene.

Brandy and Carol in front. Leslie coming up behind them.

Checkpoint #2 Volunteer.

Ed with our little dog.

Walkers still registering when we finished up.

2010 TVA Reunion Event

Norse, Texas
Sunday, March 7

Walk started at St. Olaf's Lutheran Church.

Inside of church.

Small church replica's.

Another view of the church from the cemetery.

Phyllis driving the route stopped to chat.

Old deserted home.

Misty landscape.

Carol and the Checkpoint #2 Volunteers.
Fine new home.

Passing back by Checkpoint #1.

Checkpoint #1 Volunteeers.

Walkers at the checkpoint.

Back at the start.
He's cooking in the rain!