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St. Mary's University Volksmarch
San Antonio, TX

Statue of school mascot.

Mrs. Heinz was the official greeter.

There were several tables for registration. We chose Pat and Darlene's table. They introduced the gentlemen in the middle, but I'm not very good at remembering names. Sorry!

Once registered you moved to this area to get start stamp on card and get a set of directions.

School seal..

Two kind ladies who helped us when we were confused by the directions.

Walk circled this statue.

Native American display.

Native American Nativity Scene.

Marianist Cemetery.

Walkers coming behind us.

One of the nice homes we passed.


Walkers coming behind us.

David Toth working Checkpoint #1.

Volunteer at Checkpoint #2.

Walk route circled Woodlawn Lake.

Not sure if this is a light or not.

Spillway where the lake empties.

Looking toward downtown.

View of the hike/bike trail around the lake.

Large group of walkers from Dallas/Ft. Worth.

Checkpoint #3 Volunteer.

Main entrance to St. Mary's University.

Walkers passing the fountain.

Walkers and the Bell Tower.

Engraving on the Bell Tower.

Carol getting her book stamped.