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Sitting Bull Falls Volksmarch
October 9, 2010

Carol on switchback above us.

Ed coming up behind me.

More walkers (note road we drove in way below).

My car is way down there.

Okay, let's take a break.

Paul caught up while we were resting.
and some other fast walkers go by.

Walkers disappearing up the trail.

Blooming cactus.

Narrow ledge slowed people down.

Volksmarcher from Turkey,Tx.

5K Checkpoint Volunteers

Ed, Regina & Sarah

View of the trail.

Regina, Sarah and Helen coming up behind us.

Human arrow to make sure we took the correct trail.

Pretty flowers.

Some sort of structure down in the valley.

Only has three sides.

Passed these Volksmarchers from Houston.

Helen passed us.

Checkpoint Volunteers.

Helen on the trail above me.

View of the trail.

After completing the 14K I went to see the actual falls