Pecos Seasonal Event

Walk box is on back of this building.

Carol registering for the YRE.

Old buckboard.

Chuckwagon set up.

Building the chuckwagon is in.

Variety Store.

Carol and Ed on Oak Street.

Reese County Courthouse.

Ed and I posed in front of Mural.

Just a nice house.

Another nice house.

Palm Tree and flowers.

More pretty flowers.

Ed and Carol entering gates of Fairview Cemetery.

Rock outlining graves.

Rock wall and vase.

One of the new homes.

Yard Art.

First Christian Church.

Front view of same church.

Santa Rosa Catholic Church.

Cross at the back side of church.

Another Yard Art.

Mural on wall at Museum.

Windmill at Museum.

*** We took the Museum Tour ***

Display inside Museum.

Ed standing at the bar in the Saloon.


Barb Wire Display.


Perm anyone?

Window in the Museum.

Clay Allison - Gunfighter