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Mueller Redevelopment Lake Park Volksmarch

This was a great walk brought to us by the Colorado River Walkers

Volunteers manning the start area.

Foggy view of the lake.

Nice paved park trail.

Sculpture is "Wigwam" by Chris Levack.

Sculpture is "Pollen" by Chris Levack.

Fog isn't lifting.

Nice waterfall.

Ed looking down at the waterfall.

Looking out across the lake.

Looking back at the waterfall.

Spider sculpture by Dixie Gay.

Walk continued by new Town Homes.

Wooten Park

Checkpoint Volunteer.

More of this nice grass.

Passing that same section of the lake as we end loop one.

Shirley, Clara, and Doris starting out on Loop 2.

Ed and Shirley.

Tree with lots of berries.

Squirrel posed for me.

Shirley, Gerald, Carol, Doris, Pat, Darlene, Ed and Pat.

Blue sunflower garden.
Solar panel store power and they glow at night.

Dell's Children Hospital
White coronets formerly warn by nursing sisters top the tower.

Inside hospital.

Looking back at entrance.

Small part of animated display.

Looking down on indoor healing garden.

First of many sculptures in outdoors garden.

Checkpoint Volunteer.

Carol and I walking the labyrinth.

Another walker doing it.

Nice fountain. Glad the fog is gone.

Another fountain, and the hangar behind it.

Finish table.