TVA Memorial Event

Memorial Volksmarch for Texas Volksmarchers lost in 2010. Registration was at St. Joseph's Halle. You then drove about 20 miles to the walk start at Pecan Creek School. The walk route was an out and back on a county road.

Pat and Darlene manning registration table at St. Joseph's Halle.

Walkers filling out registration cards.

Memorial display of friends and volksmarchers we lost in 2010.

Nice ranch entrance.

Looking back at the 5K checkpoint.

Curious sheep (goats?)

Andy Anderson headed back in.

Gerald, Ellen, Linda and Robert.

Members of the Kerrville Trailblazers.

Pecan Creek?

Walking in the Texas Hill Country.

Pictures of walkers taken while I was manning the 5K Checkpoint.

Sarah, Marcelino and their little girl.

Pat and her granddaughter.

Nice farm.



Carlen, Martin Callahan and his dog Indie volkmarchers