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McKittrick Canyon Volksmarch
October 8, 2010

Ed waiting at the visitor's center for the walk to start.

Charles, Lesley and Linda.

Rose and her daughter.

Susan and her husband.

Shirley and Doris.

Carol heading out on the flower lined trail.

Ariel followed by her Dad, John, then Paul and Susan.

Ed at our first water crossing.

Marilyn already finished and headed back in.

Carol waiting for me to catch up.

10K Checkpoint.

Paul and Bill.

I made it to the grotto.

Pam and Gary Spears
13K Checkpoint & Turnaround.

Gary pointed out this Columbine.

Ed and Carol in the cave.

Headed back in.

Ed and some ferns growing on the wall.


Carol at a creek crossing.

Madrone Tree.

Helen - 5K Checkpoint Volunteer.

View of the trail.