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Lake Georgetown

We parked at the Overlook Trailhead (500 Lake Overlook Dr) and hiked the portion of the Goodwater Loop toward Jim Hogg Trailhead. We only made it to mile marker #21. We had hiked for an hour and so we turned around and headed back.

Overlook Trailhead Start

First portion is paved.

View of the Dam.

Trail is now Gravel.

Another view of the lake.

Trail is moving away from the lake.

Circling an inlet.

Trail is getting smaller.

Liked the berries against the white cliff.

More white cliffs.


Pretty Cactus

We got a view of the lake again.

Okay where did the trail go?

Lots of rock.

More pretty cactus.


Just a shot of the trail.

More White cliffs.

More wildflowers.

On the way back in I stopped to rest.

The pretty clouds that kept us cool.