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Joshau Springs Park Volksmarch

Joshua Springs Park and Preserve is a new Kendall County park currently under development but not yet open. The walk route consisted to two 5K loops.

Robert working the start table.

Walkers starting just after us.

There is a house on top of this hill.
That will be our turnaround for Loop 1.

Small waterfall at our first low water crossing.

Ed and Carol coming up the first hill.

View of the trail.

Small pond.

Looking down on the campground where we started from.

Carol and Ed heading up another hill.

This is NOT the house we are headed for.

Walkers coming up the trail behind us.

Walkers ahead of us on the trail.

Our first checkpoint.

Another low water crossing and waterfall.

Walkers headed back in.

More walkers headed back in.

Cross on the hillside.

Lots of walkers headed back.

Ed and Carol with a view of the lake.

Further up the trail Rick offered to
take a picture of all of us together.

Walkers from Kerrville.

View from the house on top of the hill.

The house.

Another view of the house.

Another side of the house.

View from this side of the house.

A view of the lake as we head back down.


Another scenic view.

We are headed down.

Campground where walk started.

This is on the second loop.

Trail was mowed.

Another pond.

She is 5 years old and this is her first volksmarch.

House up on the hill where we walked for loop 1.

Waterfall down from another low water crossing.

Thistles blooming near the water.

Cabin across the lake.

Frog that we played with at the water crossing.

Three generations walking together.

Pat working the checkpoint.

Darlene warning us about loose rock on the trail.

View of the trail.

Birdhouse in need of repair.

Cliff along the lake.

Different terrain.

Route followed along this creek.

A shortcut.

Another waterfall.

More wildflowers.

Rick is now working checkpoint.

Another view of the cliffs.

Where we ate lunch after the walk.