Fort Worth, TX Downtown YRE


Susan and Bob working Registration Table.

Walkers signing up.

Entrance to Water Garden.

Main Water Display.

Janet and Carol.

Carol passing the quiet pool.

Memorial for man who died saving others.

Building converted into loft apartments.

Odd shaped highrise.

Old Post Office Building.

Mural on building.

Catholic Church.

Catholic Church.

Panther Fountain.

Cut out.

Firestation statue.

Checkpoint #1.

Another church.

Masonic Temple.

Janet and Carol. Janet's dog, Blue .

Historic Home

Presbyterian Church.

Crossing the Trinity River.

View from the bridge of Siba. She is ahead of us on the walk route.

Nice brick pathway leading back up town.

Some of the bricks have names on them.

Marker for Camp Worth.

Tarrant County Courthouse.

Horse Fountain

Marker saying the fountain is dedicated to Judge who actually watered his horse here.

Dancing, karaoke, and pool tables, etc.

Sante Fe Depot.

Finish Table.

Walkers getting books stamped.