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Fossil Rim Volksmarch

Carol in the Bluebonnets.

Restaurant patio gives an overview of the Wildlife Park.

Walking sticks available at the gift shop.

The eagle was my favorite.

Walkers registering.

Gary, Sue and Leslie.

This was a "guided" event.
Walkers awaiting instructions.

"Fast" group headed out, lead by Sue.

Walkers ahead on me on bluebonnet lined trail.

Walkers behind me on the trail.

View of Bluebonnet field.

Another view of the walkers.

Bluebonnet and Indian Paintbrush.

Trail went into the woods.

Water crossing.

No bluebonnets here.

Log water crossing.

Gary giving a helping hand.

Bluebonnets and Verbena.

One of the hills

More bluebonnets.

Susan coming up the hill.

Sue during rest break at top of that hill.

Carol and field of Bluebonnets.

Gary took Carol and my picture together.

Walkers ahead of me.

And those coming behind.

Painting on barn at High Hope Ranch.

Bluebonnets on hillside.

More Bluebonnets.

Celtic Cross.

No Bluebonnets here.

Goat Cave.

1st attempt at group pictures.

From a little further back.

Headed back in.

Walkers behind me.

Norwegian Fjord Horse
At High Hope Ranch

Passing the small lake.

Stopped for a view of the atomic powerplant.

Another view of Bluebonnets.

That climb to the finish.