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D'Hanis Volksmarch Event

Walk start registration volunteer.

Yuccas in bloom..

Bird nesting in chimney.

Passed these walkers.

Church ruins and cemetery.

Below are assorted markers in the old cemetery.

Cactus growing on top of ruins.

Lots of fields of sunflowers.

Carol passing another ruins.


Odd corner on home.

Pig windvane.

Old barn nearly lost in the weeds

Nice rock wall.

Ed and Carol on country road.
The road is so narrow it looks like a hike/bike trail.

Another cemetery.

Broken wooden cross marker

Entrance to another cemetery.

Checkpoint volunteer nearly lost in the weeds.

Phyllis at checkpoint.

Pretty horse.

Trumpet Vine.

Stone structure covered in vines.

One side of the enclosure.

Church school.

Walkers headed back in.

1959 Limited Edition Ford Custom Sport 300
For Sale $12,000.
Contact D'Hanis Machine and Welding

J.M. Koch Hotel (now bed and breakfast)
Hotel built in 1906 with brick from the D'Hanis Brick Factory

Checkpoint volunteer overcome by heat?

No, just tired from getting up a 4am!

Another nice trumpet vine.

Pretty home.

One block of mainstreet D'Hanis..

Man in calvery uniform..

Other block of mainstreet..

Carol getting book stamped at finish.

Walkers resting at finish.