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Hiking Colorado Bend State Park

We were doing out and back on the River Trail to Gorman Falls.

Trail map at the trail head.

Trail started out nice enough.

An awful picture of two deer we saw.

Colorado River on one side.

Cliffs on the other.

Accidently got off the main trail.
We had to climb over this deadfall.

Ed just past a tree we had to duck to get under.

Carol warning us to watch out for a washout area.

Another washed out area.

Another view of the river.

The river again.

Trail is a little overgrown.

Trail is a lot overgrown.

The cliffs.

Trail is now right up against the cliffs.

We didn't stop here long.
No breeze to cool us.

Climbing hill and leaving the river.

Long hill.

Thank goodness for cloud cover.

This rock looked like lava rock. Full of holes.

Crossing Gorman Creek.

Signboard for the Gorman Falls area.

Walking on the maintenance road.

View of the surrounding area.

Colorful cliffs off in the distance.

Carol ahead on the path to the falls.

Ed on the path behind me.

Ed and Carol. Moss covered rocks near the falls.

Very pretty area.

Ed and I in front of Gorman Falls.

Gorman Falls

Smaller falls.

Carol climbing back out.