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Wolf Pen Creek 10K Walk

In an effort to stay off of I-35 we went down to College Station to walk. This was not an official Volksmarch, this is just a 10K I made up myself using the pedometer feature on google maps.

We started the walk at Central Park just of Hwy 6. We circled the small lakes before heading out on hike/bike trail.

From there we walked on city streets over to Wolf Pen Creek Park. It has a nice trail that follows the creek.

To get in the needed distance we continued on to Oaks Park and circled the track there too before heading back.

Just one of the Christmas decorations in Central Park.

Marlin in the lake at Central Park.

Water fountain in the lake at Central Park.

Black ducks.

Ed and Carol on the trail in Central Park.

Central Park has a nice wide hike/bike path.

Entrance to Wolf Pen Creek Park.

Amphithreater in Wolf Pen Creek Park.

Overlook Pavilion.

Small waterfall below bridge on Holleman Street.

Creek gets rocky up near George Bush Drive.

Bridge in Oaks Park.

Back to another entrance to Wolf Pen Creek Park

Sculpture titled "Wilderness Awakened"
by J. Payne Lara

Carol reading the information on Wolf Pen Creek Park