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Cleburne State Park Volksmarch

This was a great hike brought to us by the Dallas Trekkers.

Carol and I at the Park Entrance.

Deborah working registration.

Lesley and Bob

Carol and Ed heading out on the trail.

Trail followed along the creek.

View of the trail.

Helen and Brooke

1st Creek Crossing

Paul and Heidi at the spillway.

Bill McDonald

Paul, Heidi, Gary, and Ruth.
This is Ruth's 1st Volksmarch.

Looking down on where we just were.

Looking the other way at the lake.

Ed suggested this picture.

Ed at the overlook.

Closer view of the lake.

Nice bridge.

Walk wasn't all in the woods.

Darwin at Checkpoint.
Welcome back, it was great seeing you again.

Pipeline Construction.

Optical illusion makes it look
like we are entering a tunnel.

There were lots of fossils.

Brian and Hutch