Colorado River Walkers | Email Me |  2007 Event Pictures

Austin Historic Clarksville Event

Walk start was at the Whole Food Market.

Volunteers at Registration Table.

Volunteers at Start Table.

Shirley getting ready to walk.

Carol and Ed.

Walkers behind us.

Store with wind catchers.

Attractive design.

Cactus Garden

Checkpoint #1 volunteer.

Hezekiah Haskell moved into this house in 1885.  His son lived here until he died in 1976.

Smoke Tree

1958-62? Edsel

Walkers headed back in.

Magnolia Blossom.

Pease Mansion

Texas Wanderers

Checkpoint #2 Volunteers.

Oak Leaf Hydrangia.

Another wind catcher.

Old Man Tree

Back at the Whole Food Store.


Ellen and Mike at the Finish Table.